Makeup enhances one’s beauty and hence is one of the must-have items for most women today. When talking about makeup and beauty, the topic of skin care cannot be disregarded. Makeup works best with healthy skin, so here are some helpful makeup and skin care tips for a healthy glowing skin.

1. As makeup and skin care always come together, always check for the content and when buying makeup products. Make sure that they are applicable for your skin type and avoid products that contain harsh chemicals that can damage your skin. You can now shop from The Body Shop online in KSA.

2. If you intend to buy products you have not used before, do some testing to check how your skin responds to it. Do this by applying makeup on a small patch of your skin like your earlobes.

3. Monitor the expiration date of your makeup products and refrain from using them if they have reached their expiry dates. Makeup products that contain Vitamin C need to be properly stored, or they will get spoiled even before the declared dates of expiration.

4. Cleanliness should be the first thing to practice when it comes to makeup and skin care. Always keep your makeup bits and pieces clean. Make a schedule, say once a month, for cleaning up all your makeup brushes and other equipment.

5. Proper care for your hair and nails is also important part of makeup and skin care. Keep your hair and nails clean at all times and use products that are of good quality.

6. If you have pimples, never squeeze them out s it may leave permanent scars on your skin. If you are having acne or other skin problems, avoid using chemical-based skin products and makeup as they may worsen your skin condition.

7. Avoid having your makeup on for long hours and remove it using a good makeup remover as soon as you reach home from an event, especially before sleep

Some more Makeup Removing Tips include:

  • Cleansing the face should include the neck and area behind the ears so that no oil can accumulate.
  • Remove the eye makeup first as most eye makeup is extended wear and water alone will not remove all traces.
  • Remove waterproof mascara or eye liner with baby oil or baby shampoo.
  • Next, cleanse the face and remember not to cleanse face or neck with soap.
  • Rinse your face several times to ensure the removal of the cleanser and any makeup residue.

Pat your face dry with a clean towel.