How To Make Your Dental Braces Last Longer

How To Make Your Dental Braces Last Longer

One of the main things you must do when you have dental braces in Abu Dhabi is brush and floss daily. This is very important to keep your teeth clean and healthy, as braces can irritate the gums. There are a few other things you should do, as well. These include avoiding hard, sticky or chewy foods and using a mouthguard. You should also be extra careful while eating raw vegetables and corn on the cob. It would help if you chewed your back teeth when eating corn on the cob.

Avoiding hard, sticky or chewy foods

It’s common sense to avoid hard, sticky, or chewy foods when wearing dental braces. Such foods are likely to break the wires and brackets. They may even get stuck in between teeth and break. Avoid popcorn, chips, pretzels, and corn on the cob. You can also try putting a bitter-tasting spray on your food and avoid chewing on non-edible items.


Dental braces are a costly form of orthodontic treatment, and it is important to follow proper oral hygiene to maintain quality. Despite the attractive appearance of dental braces, flossing is essential to maintain good oral health. Regular flossing helps remove bacteria and food particles that cause the degradation of braces. Moreover, regular flossing prevents gum disease, which is painful, bleeds, and erodes teeth down to the bone. Moreover, new research has linked gum disease with heart disease.

Using a mouthguard

You’ve probably noticed that your teeth change over two or three years while wearing dental braces. Even subtle changes occur every two weeks, and your mouthguard must keep up with these changes. In addition, it’s not uncommon for the mouthguard to become loose or unsuitable for your teeth after a few months of use.

Keeping teeth clean while wearing braces

It can be difficult to brush and floss with braces, but doing so is crucial to the longevity of your orthodontic treatment. You can use your fingers or an interdental brush to reach hard-to-reach spots. It’s easier to use a floss pick – small pieces of floss attached to a plastic stick. However, make sure that you brush carefully and gently, as this will wear down the braces.